1:1 Coaching

 It’s your agenda

We partner with you to provide customized 1:1 coaching engagements at all organizational levels. Our coaches empower clients to find their own answers, to discover their own resourcefulness – all in the service of improving performance, attaining goals and achieving results.

Target Audience

ACT Coaching Lifecycle

Coaching Program Management

ACT Coaching Platform

We partner with CoachLogix, providers of the most robust coaching program management platform. We support your organization to create a platform for managing large-scale coaching engagements in one integrated, easy to use portal. Benefits include:

  • Minimizing administration time
  • Ensuring you find the right coach
  • Aligning coaching goals to business objectives and
  • Measuring coaching effectiveness

Coach Matching

  • Finding the right chemistry between coach and client
  • A full bio of each coach enables filtering and selecting based on attributes such as availability, geography and experience
  • A portal populated with trusted ACT coaches, vetted for quality

Tracking, evaluation and coaching ROI

  • Coach and coachee co-design roadmap and track key learnings and actions
  • Each coaching session is tracked
  • Coaching effectiveness is measured and reported based on coachee’s evaluation of coach.


 Documentation & Reporting

  • Straightforward reporting
  • Central repository for documentation Intake Forms, 360 Assessment results, Contracts and Development Plans
  • Billing and reporting based off detailed coaching activity reports

quotesI did coaching and training with Erin Hutchins and they were some of the most valuable hours I have spent in the past year. Erin provided so many amazing insights about me as a person and as a leader. I have discovered who I am as a leader and this has given me so much more confidence in the decisions that I make and the actions that I take. I no longer feel that I need to do things someone else’s way – instead, I look within me for my answers.

Associate General Counsel, Reebok International

quotesMy coaching experience with my Mike was far and beyond of what I expected it to be, as he brings a very human aspect to his coaching method, which helps make it so much easier on wanting to improve, evolve and take my career to a whole new level.

Michael de Wit
Creative Director, Nike Converse

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