ACT has trained over 500 senior leaders within the government to be Leadership + Performance Coaches.

The next Government only Leadership + Performance Coaching Certification Program will take place in Old Town, Alexandria.  Our coach-training program is targeted at individuals within the government seeking a professional, associate-level coaching certification with the International Coach Federation (ICF). This may include organizational leaders and managers, consultants, change agents, HR professionals, trainers, internal coaches or facilitators.

ACT’s Leadership & Performance Coach Training Certification Program is approximately a six-month program, consisting of three in-person experiential modules supplemented with virtual group and individual learning.

Upcoming Program Dates:
Module 1: September 29-October 1, 2020
Module 2: November 4-6, 2020
Module 3: December 1-3, 2020

Program Curriculum
Our Approach:

All coaching delivered by ACT is grounded in ACT’s proprietary Coaching Model, tailored specifically for leadership and performance. The model, the ACT Coaching Compass, has transformed the way individuals and groups view themselves and interact with others. The model is simple and intuitive and creates a playful, metaphorical approach to coaching, unlocking the “right brain” creative side, using concepts such as a journey to help clients navigate from where they are to where they want to go. The model is being applied at a number of ACT clients, including the Department of Defense, where up to 500 Senior Leaders are going through this program, as well as other federal agencies, organizations, consultants, and universities such as Brown University.

Instructor Led Training Modules 

The three highly experiential modules will provide participants solid grounding in the core skills of coaching.  During the nine days of in-person training, the focus is on learning coaching skills that you will apply to unlock the potential of others, helping students build a coaching culture within their organization.  The training style is highly participatory, primarily focused on practical experience rather than lecture, with numerous opportunities to coach and receive feedback on newly acquired coaching skills.

Coaching Foundations 

Module 1 explores the coaching relationship, coaching skills and mindsets, ethics, and ICF core competencies. The focus is on bringing to the student’s awareness the tendency in developmental conversations to problem solve and give advice. By the end of Module 1, students will be aware of how coaching is distinct from these developmental conversations and become self-aware of their habitual patterns of communication.

Reactive to Creative 

Module 2 deepens the learning and application, introducing more skills and coaching concepts, such as Values, Purpose and Self-Limiting Beliefs, Perspectives and Choice. Students learn how to apply the coaching skills to these concepts, culminating in being proficient in coaching the “Reactive to Creative Journey”, a coaching roadmap that integrates all the various skills and concepts.

Presence and Integration 

Module 3 focuses on coaching when clients are experiencing emotions that are blocked. Students develop their capacity to be with client’s emotions, creating safety and spaciousness for clients to express themselves and move forward. In Module 3 we also help students to develop their coaching range, becoming more agile in applying different coaching styles, based on the client’s needs.

Self-Paced Learning 

Homework instructions are provided either during each module and/or mentor coaching group sessions. The expectation is that students come to the next session prepared to discuss or be tested on specific content, for example ICF Code of Ethics, or CKA examples. Students are encouraged to use some of this time in reflection and application.

Mentor Coaching Groups Sessions 

Each student will be participating in seven, 1-hour, MCG calls led by an ACT mentor coach. The MCG’s are designed to support participants as they develop their coaching skills to the next level.

Individual Mentor Feedback Sessions 

Students will have three one on one virtual meetings with an individual mentor coach. The individual work will be tailored specifically to them and their learning.  Together, the MCG sessions and IMF sessions will support the student’s growth and development as a coach. Mentor coaches will provide specific verbal and/or written feedback, using specific examples from the sessions so that the student will know exactly what s/he is doing well and understands what needs to be done to develop a deeper level of mastery in coaching.

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ACT Government Services focuses on delivering quality coaching, training and consulting services to the Federal Government. Erin Hutchins, a woman-owned small business, doing business as ACT Government Services.

ACT was founded in 2011 by Erin Hutchins and is based in Alexandria, VA. ACT’s main focus is on training coaches to become executive coaches, either through our ACC “Leader As Coach” certification program, or to become more “coach-like” and relational in leading change initiatives. ACT also designs and delivers leadership development programs to executives and emerging leaders within the federal government.

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  • Department of Defense Agencies

  • Department of Education

  • Treasury Executive Institute

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