COVID-19 Notice

We believe these moments in life should be defined by how we respond vs. how we react. Coaching for those in need is never more important than right now. In coaching, we help people to respond in the most effective way and expand their capacity to be with uncertainty. We want to say thank you to the healthcare providers around the world who are tirelessly fighting the spread of COVID-19, putting their own health at risk to protect ours.

IMPACT on ACT Programs

For now, ACT is moving to a virtual platform until it is safe and sensible for us to congregate together again. We will continue to deliver our Leadership + Performance Coaching Certification program in partnership with Brown University virtually until it is safe to move back to in-person. The Spring and Summer Program moved virtual.  For the fall program, Module 1 and 2 will be held virtually and Module 3 in-person at Brown (pending COVID-19). As and when we know more, we will update this page.


We are concerned about the psychological impact COVID 19 will have on those in society that are most vulnerable. Isolation, fear and uncertainty are ingredients for stress and physical issues.

ACT is offering:

  •  2 free 45 minute sessions to help those most vulnerable to regain control of their life and make sense of the negative emotions they are feeling. If that is you, or you know someone in your family or local community that might benefit from coaching, then please contact our Community Program Manager Ken Greenberger at ken@actleader.com. Please note our coaches are not medical experts. Coaches do not offer any advice.
  • We will be providing tips on how to handle uncertainty and adapt the right mindset throughout this time