Leadership Coaching

for Healthcare Professionals

Leadership Coaching for Healthcare Professionals:

Creating Resilience and High Impact in Healthcare

Building on ACT’s successful Leader as Coach model, this program integrates developmental psychology, neuroscience, and leadership research to provide coach-like skills to healthcare professionals responsible for navigating high rates of change, stress, and dissatisfaction.

The program emphasizes practical application and experiential learning, taught by trainers with extensive experience coaching in healthcare. The lead faculty provide a unique combination of educational excellence, coaching content expertise, and first-hand healthcare knowledge. All skills and concepts are taught with relevance to the language and challenges in the healthcare environment. 

Spring Virtual Program Schedule: Times are from 11am-1pm EST 

(each session is only 2 hours)

Session 1 – Coaching Foundations: March 21, 2023

Session 2 – Levels of Listening & Powerful Questioning: March 28, 2023

Session 3 – Coaching Skills: April 11, 2023

Session 4 – Coaching with Values, Purpose, and Resilience: April 25, 2023

Session 5 – Reactive to Creative: May 2, 2023

Session 6 – Sustainment, Application, and Integration: May 9, 2023

Completion Call: May 23, 2023 from 12:00 – 1:00 pm

  • Up to 2 live sessions can be missed.  Recording will be available for up to 7 days after the live session to listen to before the next live session date.

What You Will Learn

Together with leading health experts, we have created an experiential program, which specifically addresses the most pressing challenges that clinicians, administrators and healthcare leaders face. You will build your capacity to understand and connect with patients and members of your care team. Learning from and with other healthcare leaders, you will expand your professional network and build relationships that will continue well beyond the life of the program. 

Coaching concepts are grounded in developmental psychology, neuroscience, and research in leadership effectiveness. Upon successful completion of our online program, you will:

  • Develop multi-dimensional leadership skills
  • Reframe limiting mindsets to ones connected to your values and purpose 
  • Apply coaching skills to multiple healthcare scenarios  
  • Build your range and capacity to engage in more meaningful interactions with patients and team members
  • Create authentic relationships focused on performance effectiveness
  • Empower your team, motivate them and ultimately guide them to reach their full potential 
  • Navigate through uncertainty and complexity with more ease and clarity

Session 1 — Coaching Foundations

Session Overview

In session 1, you will learn foundational coaching concepts and mindsets, and how they can be applied to increase resilience. You will distinguish between coaching and mentoring and other forms of professional support. You will appreciate how using a coach-like approach can be effective for creating safety, engaging and developing others, and expanding your range as a leader. 


  • Why Coach-like leadership in healthcare? 
  • Creating Safety and Trust 
  • Coaching vs. mentoring 
  • Coaching Mindsets 
  • Creating Safety and Trust 

Session 2 — Levels of Listening & Powerful Questioning

Session Overview

Session 2 explores two essential coaching skills—authentic listening, and the use of powerful questions. You will gain increased self-awareness of your listening tendencies and appreciate how open-ended, non-judgmental questions can lead to richer, more impactful conversations.  


  • Levels of listening 
  • Powerful questions 

Session 3 — Coaching Skills

Session Overview

In session 3, you will learn the importance of coaching skills and how to apply them to a coach-like conversation. Through observing a demonstration of a coach-like conversation and practicing in small groups, you will develop confidence in knowing when and how to apply essential coaching skills. You will also learn how to structure a coach-like conversation, knowing when to encourage discovery and reflection and when to move to action and accountability.  


  • Coaching skills 
  • The arc and structure of a coach-like conversation 
  • ACT: Awareness  >  Choice  >  Transformatio

Session 4 — Coaching with Values, Purpose, and Resilience

Session Overview

Session 4 explores the topics of Leading with Values, Purpose, and Resiliency. You will develop greater awareness of your own values and learn how be at choice in honoring them more fully. You will learn how to identify values in coachees and teams and how to include values in coach-like conversations. Honoring values provides clarity on decisions and actions, resulting in more authentic leadership. 


  • Leading with Values 
  • Purpose 
  • Resilience 

Session 5 — Reactive to Creative

Session Overview

Session 5 focuses on how to help you, your team and organization shift from a Reactive to Creative orientation. We will define what it means to be “below the line” and “above the line”. After exploring how beliefs and identity are formed from a developmental psychology perspective, you will appreciate how the beliefs you hold impact the choices you make and your overall performance. We will explore Self-limiting Beliefs (SLB’s) so you can develop greater self-awareness and listen for them in your coachees. We will spend time looking at the skills of Reframing and Visioning as ways to help shift from below to above the line. 


  • Balancing Achieving Results with Creating Authentic Relationships 
  • Self-Limiting Beliefs and Reactivity 
  • Reframing 
  • The Inner Guide 

Session 6 — Sustainment, Application, and Integration

Session Overview

Session 6 focuses on how to apply and integrate the coaching skills and concepts in a variety of contexts. You will reflect on your leadership style, embracing new mindsets that make you more effective, and discarding ones that do not. You will learn how to give and receive feedback in a way that creates safety and is in service of developing others, as well as improving quality and productivity. You will develop a plan to hold yourself accountable for continued growth. 


  • Sustaining Peak Performance 
  • The Coach-like leader in practice 
  • Leadership integration