Time to ditch the plan and make it up: Improvisation


Never before have leaders had to deal with such complexity and a future that is so unpredictable. Trying to develop a strategic even for the next quarter can often seem daunting. Relying on traditional ways of thinking can only get you so far. Never before has there been such a requirement to be creative, innovative and spontaneous. Adopting these principles, leaders will gain confidence in navigating the unknown.

Application of Improv to Leadership:

One solution is the non-theatrical application of the principles of improvisation. You may have been to an “Improv” show, been in awe at how Improviser,  Comedians and Musicians create from nothing.

How can these principles be applied to Leadership? There are two key areas that

  • Creativity and Innovation: One key principle of Improv is “Yes and”. One Improviser starts with a suggestion and the rest of the troupe will build on it, no matter how ridiculous it seems, trusting in the process and each other will lead to something being created. By building on each others ideas, the process of discovery starts to happen, creating an incubation for innovation.
  • Effective Communication: We are improvising all the time at work. How often do meetings go to plan? Someone throws in a curve ball, the projector fails to operate or your loyal colleague forgets to print out the slides. Or you have those awkward opening five minutes waiting for everyone to turn up and feel the need to make small talk. Applied Improvisation, developing a structure, having confidence in your ability to create without content will serve you hugely in your presentation.

These applied improvisation principles are embedded in the Leadership program. Leaders will be called forth to adapt, be versatile when the script is taken away.


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