My Coaching Journey with Angus Scott

Angus Scott has set up a successful coaching business after completing the Leadership and Performance Coaching Certification Program with ACT and Brown School of Professional Studies. Read Angus Scott’s inspirational story – what led him to coaching, what he’s found most rewarding on his journey so far and how he is applying his skills.

Please tell us about your background and work experience prior to starting the Leadership and Performance Coaching Certification Program.

I had a long (30+ years) career as an Executive in Financial Services. In my last few roles, I was the Chief Operating Office for technology at 2 major banks (Credit Suisse and Bank of America) and the world’s largest hedge fund (Bridgewater Associates).

What led you to coaching?

Towards the end of my last full-time job, I’d had enough of the corporate politics and wanted to do something I enjoyed again. I always enjoyed leading and helping people develop. When I think back over my career, I don’t really remember the project successes, I remember the people I worked with, and particularly those I helped. So when the opportunity came to retire early from full time employment at the end of 2021, I took it. I spent a few months reflecting on what I wanted to do, and settled on a second career in executive coaching. In my mind, this would allow me to help people (give back from my experience), do something I enjoyed, work flexibly and part time, and bring in some income. So I went looking for an accreditation program.

Why did you choose the ACT/Brown Coaching Program?

I did a lot of research to find the best program for me. There are a huge number of programs out there. The ACT/Brown program stood out for me, because it had great reviews online, it is contextualized to leadership and performance coaching which is where I wanted to be, the people I met during the application process were all awesome, it was delivered partly in person (hybrid), and from an Ivy League school.

What was your overall experience of the program?

The program is beyond great. The quality of the teaching from Mike, Ashley, Robin, Nick and all the trainers at ACT and Brown was the best training I have received during my professional career. These people are all coaches who operate at the very top of the discipline. The supporting materials are amazing (I refer to my folder of materials all the time when in preparation for coaching sessions). The in-person sessions in Providence were a real highlight for me. The facilities are awesome, but the interaction with ACT and Brown staff, and the rest of my cohort was the best. The experiential nature of the program (you start coaching on day 1) means the cohort really get to know each other, and a real bond is built. My cohort is made up of extremely high caliber, experienced and driven people from across many sectors – this added a lot of value to the experience for me. By the way, I am using the present tense to describe my cohort because we still interact regularly. We have a WhatsApp group which is filled with daily messages, hints and tips, and collaborations. Right now about 10 of the cohort have all signed up to a virtual program, just so they could be together in the training. And next week 4 other coaches and myself will join our fellow member – Meredith Sadoulet at the launch summit of her Disability Advocacy startup – Profound. We will provide coaching to people of disability at the event. Meredith only selected people from the cohort to be on her coaching roster. A testament to the quality of the people, and the bond we have. 

What is the most rewarding part of your coaching journey so far?  

It’s well coaching… I have well over 100 hours now, and am getting my ICF accreditation as we speak. During those sessions I have real moments where I have helped people become more self-aware, recognize their inner critic, see things differently, make choices to change their behaviors, and commit to action to transform themselves. Seeing this happen, and the gratitude people express afterwards is the most satisfying thing.

Tell us about the work you do now and how you are applying your coaching skills? 

I have launched my own coaching business (Scott Coaching and Consulting LLC – and I have mixture of individual and corporate clients. I am also heavily engaged with my Alma Mater – Cardiff University in the UK, and provide coaching to the some of their faculty. I recently gave a leadership presentation to 30 emerging leaders at the University. It’s early days for me and I’m building the business this year. But I really enjoy what I do, and am very grateful to ACT/Brown for helping me start this journey.

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