My Coaching Journey with Chris George

Chris George is an accomplished coach and trainer with a background in retail management, customer service and performing arts. Nationally recognized for offering group and individualized training and coaching,  Chris’s experience includes 15 years working for Van Cleef & Arpels, one of the top international luxury goods companies, where he primarily focused on being a leader, trainer and coach.  

Read Chris George’s story below and hear how he is applying coaching skills in his career. Chris, recently chatted with Erin Hutchins on ACT’s Student Experience Webinar. If you would like to hear the interview, please click this link.

Please tell us about your background and work experience prior to starting the LPCC program?

I spent 15 years working with the luxury jewelry retailer, Van Cleef & Arpels, in various roles including retail management, training, and learning and development.

Prior to that, I was a ballroom dancer and teacher and co-authored “Gotta Ballroom,” an instructional book/DVD. My performing arts career as an actor, dancer, and singer includes performing leading roles in two national touring companies of Broadway shows, as well as dancing at the Moulin Rouge in Paris.

What led you to coaching?

As an internal trainer and coach in the luxury retail industry, I had the privilege of working with many talented external consultants. These interactions motivated me to continue my own development as a facilitator who inspires change.

To further enhance my skills and interest, I began studying emotional intelligence. As the pandemic continued, I, like many others, reevaluated my situation and decided to create my own coaching practice. This way, I could impact organizations and help individuals realize their potential.

Why did you choose the ACT & Brown Coaching program?

When I compared the ACT/Brown program with others, the decision was rather easy! It offered everything I was looking for: impressive reviews, a thoughtful learning journey, a completely remote experience, and an association with Brown University.

However, the most impressive and deciding factor was the humanity I encountered. I was referred by a respected colleague, which carried a lot of weight. When I attended an informational webinar and subsequent individual call, I was won over. I could feel their warmth, caring, and passion for the coaching profession and teaching.

What was your overall experience of the program and what has been the most rewarding part of your coaching journey so far?

The LPCC program exceeded all of my expectations.

It’s rare when experts in their field can also effectively teach others to do what they do. Mike, Erin, and Robin are incredibly skilled coaches, but they’re also equally adept at transmitting knowledge and skills.

The program is designed to be an immersive learning experience, and although my sessions were all remote, the instructors made the learning engaging and interactive.

Our cohort was small enough to get to know everyone as individuals, yet large enough to allow for diverse perspectives. The variety of lived experiences, backgrounds, and goals in our cohort created a dynamic learning environment. To this day, many of us remain in contact, support each other, and even collaborate.

The most rewarding aspect of my coaching journey thus far is the confidence that I have gained from the ACT/Brown experience and the expertise I have acquired to assist my clients in realizing their potential. I knew I was a good coach coming in, but through the LPCC program, I gained additional skills that have enhanced all aspects of my work and taken my impact as a coach to new levels.

The training I received more than adequately prepared me for the ICF exam, and I earned the ACC credential. I am now well on my way to PCC. I am inspired to keep learning and have registered for the ACT/Brown Team Coaching training later this year!

Tell us about the work you do now and how you are applying your coaching skills?

After completing my training and earning my ACC credential, I left my job and founded Chris George Coaching LLC (

Initially, I aimed to work exclusively with individuals and organizations in the luxury goods industry. While I do have several clients within that niche, others from diverse industries, including Public Relations, Entertainment, Nonprofits, Commercial Real Estate, and Financial Services, have reached out to me. In addition to coaching services, I offer training, facilitation, workshops on various topics, as well as keynote speaking.

As a Leadership, Business, and Executive Coach, I find resonance within the realm of Emotional Intelligence. The skills I learned at ACT/Brown align beautifully with my focus on Emotional Intelligence in my practice. Empowering my clients to move from a reactive to creative mindset is truly rewarding.

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