My Team Coaching Journey with Lucia Hindorff

Lucia Hindorff, PhD, is a scientist and executive team coach. She has had 15 years of federal government experience with research and training programs across the country. Coaching since 2019, Lucia trained as a Team Coach through ACT/Brown School of Professional Studies in 2022.

Read Lucia’s story, what led her to Team Coaching, why she chose the ACT/ Brown program. You can also listen to Lucia telling her story in the recent webinar by clicking here

Please tell us a little about your coaching journey prior to starting the Team Coaching program?

I started my coaching journey several years ago as a coachee who was assuming a larger responsibility at work without much time to prepare. The opportunity to reflect, be challenged, and take action was empowering and supportive. As I looked for professional development opportunities, I kept being drawn to the unique skills that coaches bring and develop in others. I participated in a coaching co-op where I got to practice coaching skills, which led to developing an internal coaching pilot with a work colleague. As part of this pilot, I trained in executive coaching and began to support scientists and clinicians at my organization.

Why did you decide to embark on the Team Coaching program?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I recognized the importance of building resilient teams, especially when they are distributed across the country. I became motivated to learn about team coaching and the ways in which I could develop and empower mission-driven teams.

Why did you choose the ACT & Brown Team Coaching program?

I was ready to extend my executive coaching skills to a team setting, and the program seemed like a good balance of in-person and virtual instruction. The instructors have a history of coach training and it was exciting that they were one of the first to receive accreditation for teach coaching. I also liked that they had a module on diversity and inclusion.

What was your overall experience of the Team Coaching program and what has been the most rewarding part of Team Coaching so far?

I had a wonderful time in the program. It challenged me to develop my range as a coach, and the skills were complementary to my executive coaching training. My favorite part was working with a wonderful colleague and co-coach on our field exercise. To see the need for team coaching and watch the team develop skills in real time, even for a short engagement, was very motivating. Staying in contact with my classmates has been a plus as well and we continue to serve as a network with each other.

Tell us about the work you do now and how you are applying your Team Coaching skills?

I have a “day job” as a scientist, so the team coaching is currently being integrated into the internal coaching offerings at my organization. The skills I learned have been very useful in team or group settings where the team dynamic is off, or the group just needs a little more focus. Who doesn’t love that moment when asking a powerful question or reframing a challenge turns the group back around?

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