Our Stand Against Racism

ACT stands unequivocally in solidarity with the family of George Floyd, the Black community, our Black students and everyone who is working to put an end to racism .We know that racist violence is pervasive. It ranges from daily micro-aggressions to murder. We are sad and angry and committed to action aimed at long term change. 

We recognize the need to make space for the voices of people of color. Our mindset is one of compassion. We are committed to serving as facilitators of important and difficult conversations focused on these and related issues.  For many many years, the traditional practice of leadership has been based on a reactive belief, rooted in fear, that leaders must control others.   As coaches and coach trainers we challenge this belief and offer a model of inclusivity and respect. We acknowledge our place of unearned privilege in the world and commit ourselves to creating an equitable society where all can be safe and prosper. 

We are committed to exploring unconscious  bias in ourselves and to helping our clients and students do the same. . We train our coaches to meet clients with compassion, not judgment. We will continue to focus on awareness and choice rather than shame and guilt. We hold that humans ultimately want to do what’s right and coaches help clients connect to this part of themselves.

Shame and guilt have never been effective motivators for sustainable change. 

We commit ourselves to an ongoing process of reflection, education and action at ACT. Specifically in terms of our own accountability, we will focus on ensuring that more minority leaders have greater access to our coach training programs and other services. We are also committed to diversifying our coaching community and ramping up IMPACT – our pro bono coaching program. We will continue to evaluate and refine our content and teaching strategies, all with the aim of creating diverse and inclusive learning environments. We stand with all those who are calling for justice and we hold ourselves accountable for helping to create a more just and equitable society.

ACT is an internationally recognized coaching, leadership development and consulting company known for its commitment to leadership and performance coaching, valuing its long term partnerships with Brown University, the intelligence communities and its loyal and devoted diverse community.