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ACT offers live Q&A webinar sessions and real-time insights into the powerful ripple effect of Leadership and Performance Coaching.

ACT Leadership, in partnership with The Brown University School of Professional Studies, offers a Leadership and Performance Coaching Certification program recognized and accredited by the International Coach Federation.

These live webinars are an opportunity to ask questions with industry leaders about this distinguished program and the rise of the new leader.

Our next live Q&A Webinar is:
Thursday, November 12 at 12pm EST.

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Past Informational and Specialized Webinars

The Leadership Coaching Experience
This 45 minute webinar features an opportunity to experience Leadership and Performance Coaching in action through an interactive coaching demonstration. Also included:
• The rise of the “coach-like” leader
• Coaching vs. other types of leadership styles (mentoring, advising, directing)
• The benefits of performance coaching— on you, your teams, and organization

Informational Webinar | ACT Leadership + Performance Coaching Certification (LPCC)
Co-Founders of ACT Leadership, Mike and Erin Hutchins, talk about the importance of leadership and performance coaching and how it can help leaders become more effective and increase performance.
Learn more about the 6-month Leadership and Performance Coaching Certificate (LPCC) program, a collaboration between the Brown University School of Professional Studies and ACT Leadership.

Leadership and Performance Coaching: A 21st Century Leadership Imperative
This 30 minute webinar demonstrates why Leadership and Performance Coaching is so critical for today’s leaders:
• The rise of the “coach-like” leader
• Coaching vs. other types of leadership styles (mentoring, advising, directing)
• The benefits of performance coaching— on you, your teams, and organization

Leadership and Performance Coaching for Healthcare Professionals
Today’s healthcare professionals are often constrained by time-restricted decision-making and a maze of regulation. The shift towards “patients as customers” is exposing a changing interpersonal dynamic. If the cornerstone of healthcare is people, then empathic listening, curiosity and asking the right questions should be the focus. Learn more about how using a coach approach is a proven methodology for creating a higher level of engagement and connection.
Speakers: Helen Roberts, Senior Healthcare Consultant and Coach, Daniel Hollingshead MBA, Executive Coach and Consultant, Mike Hutchins, Co-founder of ACT Leadership

ACT Leadership + Performance Coaching for HR Professionals
Human Resource professionals play a crucial role in engaging members of an organization’s workforce. Leadership and performance coaching has shown to be a powerful tool in improving organizational performance and effectiveness. Brown University in collaboration with ACT Leadership is offering a Leadership and Performance Coaching Certification program where HR professionals and leaders will become ICF-accredited in coaching leaders applying a coach approach to improving employee engagement and developing a more resilient, and empowered workforce

Student Experience
ACT Leadership Co-Founder, Michael Hutchins, and two students who participated in the Leadership and Performance Coaching Certification at Brown University, as they explore why organizations that invest in cultivating a more coach-like culture are seeing a positive impact on employee development, client satisfaction, and business performance