Team Coaching

Great team coaches can create from conflict and complexity  

A team is defined as “any group of people who need each other to accomplish a result.” Team coaching starts with aligning the team members’ motivations, roles, strengths, weaknesses and working styles around a common objective. The role of an ACT team coach is twofold: firstly to create an environment of safety for all voices to be acknowledged and then to build a structure that supports alignment and commitment to a chosen course of action.

Target Audience

The ACT Compass

ACT’s team coaching provides teams with the opportunity to performing at a higher level than they currently do. Our coaches work with the ACT Coaching Compass, listening for and speaking to:

Creative and Reactive: Align around team purpose and objectives (Creative) and speaking to and creating safety for when team members avoid speaking their truth, dominate or are too critical (Reactive)

Relationship and Results: Building deeper, authentic relationships, speaking to the emotional field, or when they hear faulty reasoning or jumping to solutions.

The role of the ACT Team Coach includes:

  • Encourages a diverse set of perspectives and new ways of thinking
  • Speaks to weaknesses in thinking, uncovers biases and hidden agendas
  • Creates a safe environment and structure for authentic conversations, collaboration and creative thinking
  • Imparts expertise on structure (not content), to enable teams to become self-sufficient
  • Along with coaching, simultaneously training the team to become self-sufficient in using new structured, discovery-based techniques

quotesThe real-time nature of the coaching was incredibly effective. Mike Hutchins encouraged the team to work through real examples and offered practical guidance for managing difficult scenarios. This in turn facilitated a very honest exchange of ideas and feedback, bringing the team closer together.

I was very happy with the outcome of the training. I’ve seen the team the apply the techniques from the training in the wild. Additionally, several members of my team independently thanked me for providing the training. The sentiment was that it could instantly be applied to everyday scenarios, which they felt was missing from other training they had received.

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quotesErin provided coaching and training on for me and my team. She facilitated a process for me to delve deeper and focus on areas of strength. The direct impact was visible in the performance review of my supervisors for 2013. The team acknowledged it was an affirmative and motivating the process. This is because, Erin helped me to train myself to provide feedback from a win win situation.

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