Leadership Coaching

for Healthcare Professionals

Leadership Coaching for Healthcare Professionals:

Creating Resilience and High Impact in Healthcare

Leadership Coaching for Healthcare Professionals is a highly experiential blended learning online program, designed specifically for busy healthcare professionals who are committed to cultivating a culture of resilience and a high level of effectiveness in healthcare.

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February 28, 2023


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Join Dr. Brian Clyne, MD, MHL, Professor at Brown University and one of the Co-Founders of ACT Leadership on this live webinar. We will demonstrate why adopting a coach-like approach is  critical for today’s healthcare leaders. You will have the opportunity to ask questions with the program leadership about this unique program. Learn More 

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Healthcare professionals today face complex challenges including a pandemic, financial pressures, workforce shortages, and a lack of work-life balance. In this environment, healthcare leaders have daunting responsibilities to improve patient care, empower their teams, and foster resilience among providers.  This program is designed for busy healthcare professionals — clinician and non-clinicians alike — who are committed to creating a culture of resilience by adopting coaching mindsets and applying coach-like skills.

Now more than ever, leading in healthcare is a formidable challenge. Among the many crises facing healthcare, a lack of provider well-being is affecting patient care, recruitment, retention, and bottom-line results.

Leadership Training for Healthcare Providers

Research indicates that coaching is a viable and effective intervention to alleviate burnout and improve well-being among healthcare providers. Studies reveal that coaching is effective in reducing emotional exhaustion and overall burnout while improving quality of life, work satisfaction and engagement. Leadership Coaching for Healthcare Professionals introduces participants to coaching tools that can be applied in a variety of contexts to foster resilience in themselves and others.

This highly experiential blended  online learning program emphasizes practical application of skills and is taught by trainers with extensive experience coaching in healthcare. The lead faculty provide a unique combination of educational excellence, coaching content expertise, and first-hand healthcare knowledge. All coaching skills, concepts, and cases are taught based on current challenges in the healthcare environment. 

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Target Audience


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Program Duration

The online program length is 6 weeks The In-Person program is 2.5 days



Early Bird is $2,695






LIVE Online Sessions or
In-Person location is at Brown SPS in Providence, RI


Semester of Entry


Who Should Attend?

This program is for healthcare professionals seeking to build personal resilience and develop it in others. Those seeking to enhance their leadership skills with a particular focus on coaching are ideal participants. This includes: 

  • Clinicians with direct patient care responsibilities
  • Healthcare units or teams with specialized expertise
  • Professionals working in public health, office practices and home care settings
  • Healthcare leaders at the medical school, departmental, or system level


Individual participants will:

  • Be equipped with coach-like skills applicable to numerous healthcare interactions
  • Develop increased self-awareness and expand their leadership range
  • Foster resilience in others by employing foundational coach-like skills
  • Be capable of leading change effectively
  • Listen more authentically and employ powerful questions
  • Make a positive impact on patients, teams, and their organization
  • Expand their network with a cohort of peers from across the healthcare spectrum

Organizations will:

  • Create a culture of coaching in which employees are connected to the mission, values, and purpose
  • Experience higher employee recruitment and long-term retention
  • Employ an engaged, resilient, more fulfilled workforce 
  • Be capable of overcoming challenges with a collective new coaching mindset

Did you know?

In the past few years, the growing prevalence of ‘burnout syndrome’ among healthcare personnel has gained attention as a potential threat to patient safety and the quality of healthcare. A Mayo Clinic Survey of physicians found that, nationally, 42% experienced symptoms of burnout in 2021.
The Three Cardinal Symptoms of Burnout:

#1: Exhaustion

#2: Depersonalization

#3: Lack of Efficacy

Despite being prevalent within the healthcare industry there are a lack of resources available to help people suffering with this stress. Burnout is costly for the healthcare industry.  In a paper published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine, physician burnout is costing the United States healthcare industry an estimated $4.6 billion per year. 

The healthcare industry presents challenges unique to the profession and whilst not all the stressors can be controlled, developing a culture of resilience will help workers develop skills to help confront some of the challenges and maintain overall wellbeing. 

Coaching in healthcare  

ACT and Brown are committed to delivering transformative learning and results to all program participants, providing them with the coaching tools to build a more resilient workforce, better equipped to deal with the stressors that result from a complex and challenging work environment. The coach-like healthcare professional is more likely to make sound decisions in critical moments and ultimately improve patient outcomes.  We have been training coaches from the healthcare sector for the last decade using proven coaching and leadership development methodologies. Health care systems face some of the biggest challenges and they are already recognizing the value of coaching. 

ACT is partnered with the Brown School of Professional Studies where our Leadership Coaching for Healthcare Professionals open enrollment program is offered.

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