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You're Already a Great Coach, Only Sometimes
It Can Feel Like You’re Treading Water.

As a coach with some degree of experience under your belt, you will have already witnessed the truly transformative power that our vocation has on people’s lives. Its ability to address many of the challenges your clients bring you never ceases to amaze.

But on occasion, you are presented with predicaments that challenge you to the best of your abilities, particularly around emotions or traumatic circumstances.

Intuitively, you know that these areas require a little more understanding, awareness, range, confidence, and tools in order for us to safely and effectively partner with our clients to traverse the uncharted waters they find themselves in.

Do any of these feel familiar?

  • You’re noticing that more and more clients are bringing emotionally charged content, particularly these days, and it sometimes makes you feel overwhelmed or flooded and unsure of how to navigate it.

  • You know that you can be with your clients no matter what, but you want to feel more intentionally equipped, agile, and brave when emotionally charged themes surface, because you intuitively know that breakthroughs are on the other side.

  • Sometimes, you lose confidence in trying new approaches and play it safe because that’s familiar and it has done the job in the past.
  • You read books to further your coaching skills. They provide great content, but they don’t feel like a tailored fit that organically weaves into your current training. So instead of providing solutions, they feel more like a band-aid.

  • Sometimes, you hesitate and wrestle with subjects that feel imbued with trauma. Should you approach these subjects or hand them off to a therapist?

  • And maybe you ask colleagues for insights. It’s great to glean whatever knowledge and wisdom your colleagues have to offer, but a lot of the time, this can be conflicting because it’s subjective and based on their own perceptions, training, and experiences.

What's needed is an advanced, experiential training program that will equip you to go deeper with your clients, handle complex issues, and increase your range and confidence.

The Next Level program is an advanced professional training course that will significantly increase your capacity as a coach. We at ACT recognize that it’s normal to fall into patterns and ways of working overtime, coaching within our known ‘range’.

Where Next Level comes in is to provide you with brand new tools, approaches, and awareness to be able to disrupt the status quo in service of your clients’ holistic growth and evolution.

As coaches, we can feel hesitant venturing into complex or highly charged topics, but of course, this is exactly where the true transformation happens. Next Level will teach you how to sense what’s actually going on, how to approach it, and how to shine a light on it confidently.

Tackling deep-rooted issues requires skill and a deep trust and connection between the coach and client. In this course, we equip you with the tools to go there and truly be with the deeper workings of your clients.

Key Benefits & Takeaways:

  • Cutting-edge coaching tools, including giving voice to the internal dialogues that unconsciously guide our decisions.

  • Structures and Maps to guide you and keep you on track in difficult territory.

  • Methodologies to help you as a coach instigate deep change and build the muscles of trauma awareness and being with difficult emotions.

  • A safe and supportive group learning environment to experiment and learn together. Highly experiential and lots of feedback.

  • The program is led by experienced coaches Michelle Goss and Janine Mancusi, who have over 40 years of combined coaching experience.

  • Connection with an alumni of graduates to share, reflect, and evolve with.

  • Approved for 40 CCE’s by the International Coaching Federation.

Target Audience

For coaches who are wanting more depth and new transformational concepts in working with their clients or seeking a Level 2 coaching accreditation

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Program Duration

The total program length is 3 months consisting of 6, 2-hour live Modules, 16 recording audios and 9 hours of coaching practice



Early Bird - $2,750.00



Must have taken LPCC or be a certified coach through a professional certifying organization and/or accrediting body. Minimum ACC or equivalent.

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Semester of Entry

Fall/ Spring

About ACT Leadership +
Coaching Transformation Partnership

Jeanine Mancusi and Michelle Goss at Coaching Transformation are renowned for transforming coaches into exceptional ones . They are adept at expanding students capabilities to work through and navigate more complex coaching topics.

Together, ACT and Coaching Transformation bring a combined level of expertise in creating depth and transformation with clients. We choose to partner with Coaching Transformation to integrate deep coaching concepts into the context of working with leaders at an advanced level. 

UPCOMING EVENT: Informational Q&A Webinar

August 7, 2024


12:00 pm – 1:00 pm EST

Join us for a LIVE Information Session and Q&A with one of the Co-Founders, Erin Hutchins, and Program Trainers, Michelle Goss and Jeanine Mancusi. You will have a chance to ask questions about all aspects of the program. Learn More >

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Approved for 40 CCE’s by the International Coaching Federation. Also part of the Level 2 ICF Coaching Program pathway.

Pre-requisites: Must have taken LPCC or be a certified coach through a professional certifying organization and/or accrediting body.  Minimum ACC or equivalent. 

The Next Level Coaching Program is for coaches who are wanting more depth and new transformational concepts in working with their clients.  This program is included in our ICF Level 2 program pathway and/or also offered as a stand alone program. It doesn’t matter if you are a relatively new coach or a seasoned master, this robust program will grow you and take your coaching to the next level. This series focuses on synthesizing all the coaching skills and concepts learned in previous courses into a higher level of impact and professionalism. It introduces new tools that provide more depth, polish and courage to better respond to a wide range of clients and coaching situations with creativity, confidence, and power.

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