In a world of increasing uncertainty, complexity, diversity and rapid technological change, the ability to respond quickly and adapt is essential.

Coaching is a core competency of agile, multi-dimensional leaders who guide and empower teams capable of navigating uncertainty and producing results.

Leader as Coach is a highly-experiential live online program that will develop you to become a more “coach-like” leader using concepts that are grounded in developmental psychology, neuroscience, and research in leadership effectiveness. You will learn to develop collaborative, trusting relationships that will enable you to achieve optimal results and excel as a leader — building your capacity to connect with others, understand them and communicate effectively on different levels.

ACT is partnered with the Brown School of Professional Studies where our Leader as Coach open enrollment program is offered.

We chose to partner with ACT Leadership because we share a common mission, to develop effective, reflective, and inclusive leaders, to effect positive change in the world and to improve human welfare.

LEAH VANWEY  Dean, School of Professional Studies

Student Experience
Program Snapshot

Adopting the coaching mindsets and skills has shifted how I see developing others. By actively listening and asking questions from a place of genuine curiosity, my team feels empowered to think critically and creatively in finding solutions to their problems. And it has freed up more time for me to focus on strategy and growth.

DAN HOLLINGSHEAD President at Connected Patients

What You’ll Learn

Leader as Coach is a highly-experiential, 8-week online course focusing on developing leaders to become more “coach-like”.

Coaching concepts are grounded in developmental psychology, neuroscience, and research in leadership effectiveness. Upon successful completion of the program, you will:

  • Develop multi-dimensional leadership skills
  • Reframe limiting mindsets to ones connected to your values and purpose
  • Apply coaching skills to different work contexts
  • Build your capacity to engage in more meaningful interactions

  • Create authentic, real relationships focused on performance effectiveness
  • Empower your team, motivate them and ultimately guide them to reach their full potential while achieving results in your organization
  • Navigate through uncertainty and complexity with more ease and clarity

Who Should Attend?

This program is for business professionals with responsibility for leading and managing others who would like to enhance their leadership skills, with a particular focus on coaching.

Examples of target program participants:

  • Seasoned leaders
  • High-potential executives
  • Mid-career managers

  • Emerging leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • HR and Talent professionals