Team Coaching Program

Team Coaching Program:

From Individual Coaching to Team Coaching

Virtual – August 2020

How often have you sat in a team meeting asking yourself, “What are we trying to achieve here?” Team meetings and workshops are the medium by which employees come together in an attempt to resolve issues, coordinate on task execution, manage operations, reengineer processes or develop new strategies. The statistics on team effectiveness highlights just how unproductive employees can be when they come together. 

A recent HBR survey found the following: 

  •       37% of our time is spent in meetings
  •       Managers attend more than 60 meetings per month
  •       25-50% of meeting time adds no value
  •       39% admitted dozing off during a meeting
  •       >70% admitted bringing other work to meetings
  •       Cost to business: $37BN

The ACT team has worked with organizational teams various roles including consulting, team coaching and facilitation. Our team coaches also have extensive functional experience as employees within organizations. We observe how teams interact and become curious about the factors that impact performance and effectiveness. Whether it is hierarchical challenges, debating skills, personality styles, unclear roles and responsibilities or no clearly defined decision-making process, teams often fail to live up to expectations. 

The results of our observations form the basis of our team coaching program, which focuses on group dynamics: how individuals interact with each other, share their collective talents, collaborate and hold each other mutually accountable to achieve a common purpose and set of performance goals.

ACT Leadership is offering a 3-day in-person Team Coaching program that is designed as a springboard for coaches ready to advance their competencies from individual to team coaching. 

23.25 CCEs (17.75 Core Competency+ 5.5 Resource Development)


  •       We use the mindsets, skills and concepts from the coaching profession and apply them to teams. From a developmental psychology perspective, we explore how natural human “reactive tendencies” impact team performance.
  •       The program is a mixture of training, team coaching, observations and leadership development.
  •       The program is highly experiential with a high emphasis on practice for easy application in the workplace. 

The coaching skills and concepts will be “assumed knowledge” and the focus of this program will be on applying them within a team context. 

Team Coaching Program Dates:

Questions about the program?

To learn more about this program, contact us at info@actleader.com. Find out how valuable team coaching is and whether it’s a good fit for you. 

August 4-6, 2020 – Virtual

Virtual Group Learning Calls:

September 14th -10am-11:30am EST

October 13th -10am-11:30am EST


For coaches ready to advance their competencies from individual to team coaching.

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Eligible applicants will have successfully completed ACT’s Leadership & Performance Certification Coaching program (or an acceptable alternative).

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$2,495 per person. 

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