About Us

The power in partnerships

ACT is an internationally recognized coach training, coaching, and leadership development company known for its commitment to leadership and performance coaching, valuing its long term partnerships with Brown University, the intelligence communities and its loyal and devoted diverse community.

Making a positive impact in the World

ACT provides an immersive and engaging learning experience contextualized to your business, taught either in person at the unique historic setting of the Brown University Campus and/or virtually using the most up to date e-learning technology.  Our exceptional, geographically dispersed team of trusted partners have skills and experience in coaching, training and consulting.  Our programs foster a culture that inspires the extraordinary.  Always curious we challenge our students to become empowering, multi-dimensional leaders who will go out, inspire change and make a positive impact in the world. 

Creating a safe environment to explore, challenge and discover

ACTing with integrity, our trainers are skilled in creating a safe space to explore, challenge and discover through authentic conversations and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.  Supported by a faculty who really care, you will learn to develop collaborative, trusting relationships that will enable you to achieve optimal results and excel as a leader — building your capacity to connect with others, understand them and communicate effectively on different levels.

Stimulating intellectual curiosity and divergent thinking

ACT’s programs and teaching practices are cutting edge, grounded in developmental psychology, neuroscience and the latest research in leadership effectiveness.  The curriculum integrates a broad spectrum of established knowledge and the latest research with the goal of bringing new ideas forward and challenging the status quo.

Diversity and Inclusion matters – exploring unconscious bias

At ACT and Brown School of Professional Studies we are committed to diversifying our coaching community and training our coaches to meet clients with compassion, not judgment.  We are committed to exploring unconscious bias in ourselves and to helping our clients and students do the same.

Durodgio Peterson, LPCC Alumni and Diversity & Inclusion Leader discusses the importance of diversity and inclusion in coaching. “When you can influence one leader who is leading 500 employees it impacts not only those 500 employees but the 500 employees families, the communities they’re in and the people they’re connected to.  Now is the time for coaches to get out there and start to have these conversations and start to lead in a way that is coach-like and help to impact other coaches so they start to show up authentically, directly, influentially and impact what’s happening in the world”. 

ACT continues to evaluate and refine our content and teaching strategies, all with the aim of creating diverse and inclusive learning environments. We stand with all those who are calling for justice and we hold ourselves accountable for helping to create a more just and equitable society.

Our work makes an impact, let’s partner together.

Message from the Co-Founders

We are a family-owned business that is centered around our core values and delivering transformative learning and results to our clients.  We started out with the vision of helping individuals, teams and organziations to thrive in their full potential.  We are successfully doing that today.  We are grateful for our team, faculty, students, alumni community, partnerships and clients…without them we would not be doing this work.   
Thank you for visiting our website and we hope to see you on one of our upcoming programs!
Warmest Regards,
Erin and Mike Hutchins  

Global Presence

Clients and Testimonials

Coaching is a mindset, a framework, and a way of life. The faculty and the other members of the co-host were exceptional. In many ways, this was a life changing and enhancing experience.


This was a life-changing program. It was thoughtful, well organized and introduced me to a network of peers that will forever be my friends, colleagues and biggest cheerleaders. I’m in awe of the professionalism of the facilitators and their ability to create such a safe space for us to learn, practice, stretch and grow. Thank you!


ACT led the HR and Strategy team at AFCC in the design and delivery of our off-site Leadership Team workshop. Trust was established from day one, resulting in resulting in an innovative 2 day strategy workshop, using powerful metaphors, creative media and a range of leadership development skills.

– Glenn St.Onge
HR Director, AFCC Auto (A Joint Venture between Daimler and Ford)

One very successful thing that happened this week is this class! You changed the lives of 30 people and started the ripple that will affect an entire agency.

– Federal Government Agency Chief Program Manager