Brown University School of Professional Studies + ACT Leadership

Academic Rigor + Real-World Application.

Brown School of Professional Studies, in partnership with ACT Leadership, brings you the best of both worlds: the high pedagogical integrity that you come to expect from an Ivy League University, combined with real life industry experience provided by ACT Leadership. 

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The world needs great leaders, now more than ever.

Today, more than ever, the world needs exceptional leadership from leaders who prioritize people, planet, and community.

We need those in positions of authority to embrace clear decision making, self-awareness and courage. It’s an essential call to action we cannot ignore.

Maybe you’ve found yourself in a position where you intuitively knew that you could help instigate real positive change through supporting leaders such as this, but you’ve not necessarily had the professional training to do so.

And maybe you’re now at the stage where you’ve decided to explore leadership coach training to gain those all important skills to set you up for success and instigate effective change for the betterment of all.

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What is Leadership + Performance Coaching?

Leadership Coaching is an enabler for a transformation to an inclusive, responsive culture with high levels of employee engagement and performance. Change starts with the leader and emanates through teams to everyone within the organization. 
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So how does the LPCC coaching program work?

Our Leadership + Performance Coaching Certification program runs for 8 months and credentials you to an ICF Level 1 path.

Here are some high level details:

  • Virtual (via Zoom) In-person at Brown University, Rhode Island and Hybrid.
  • A range of different time zones to cater to your location.
  • 8 month duration, leading to the level 1 ICF credential.
  • 96 approved coaching hours, 80% delivered synchronously.
  • Credentialed through the ICF.
  • Pathway to Level 2 and PCC with our Next Level Program. 
  • Our LPCC course guides you along the path towards ACC and fully prepares you.
  • Your investment varies depending on the cohort you choose, whether virtual, hybrid or in person, and ranges from $10k to $11k.

Watch the following to find out more details about how our 8-month Leadership + Performance Coaching Certification works. 

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Don’t just take our word for it!

Hear what our alumni are saying on LinkedIn:

Hear from our Alumni on what they are saying about their experience in the LPCC program.

We’re in great company and that’s important to us:

Trained over 1,500 coaches in LPCC from 75 cohorts to ACC level 

Trained over 10,000 leaders in team coaching and leadership coaching skills 

Consulted, trained and coached over 100 Fortune 500 and federal agencies

Organizations we've worked with:

Plus… EY, World Central Kitchen, Allianz, JP Morgan Chase, Lyft, McKinsey & Co, Novartis, Pitney Bowes, Rabobank, Salesforce, S&P Global, Schroders, Siemens, Sonos, World Bank and many more.

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