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NEW OFFERING! Team Effectiveness Acceleration (TEA)

Better teams get better results.

ACT is excited to announce our latest service offering targeted at TEAMS. We help teams function better. Better functioning teams then can achieve better performance and better results. Inquire now to discuss how TEA can help your team reach its potential.

Organizational Offerings

ACT partners with organizations to design and implement the change initiative the organization is seeking. Below we outline a variety of initiatives outlined by the target audience and describe the intended impact of each offering.




Credentialed Coaches


Leaders who would like to enhance their leadership skills, with a particular focus on coaching

Teams who are wanting to reset and strengthen the foundation.

Coaches who are ready to advance their coaching skills

Individuals who are wanting to certify as a coach.


Leader As

Team Effectiveness Acceleration

Team Coaching Certification Training

Coaching Certification Training

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– Adam Kugajevsky and Katie Johnson.

Organizational Coaching and Programs

ACT provides and supports the design and navigation of change initiatives. With a rigorous assessment of your industry context, we can tailor leadership and coaching programs to your needs.  Our partial client list includes: Nike Inc., PVH, UNICEF, Stantec, Brown University, Twitter and PwC.

Government Coaching and Programs

ACT has trained over 500 senior leaders within the government to be Leadership + Performance Coaches and over a 1,000 leaders to become more ‘coach-like’.  We offer our Leadership and Performance Coaching Certification Program for individuals within the government who are seeking a professional, associate-level coaching certification with the International Coach Federation (ICF).  We offer our Leader as Coach programs for government leaders and managers who are seeking to be more coach-like as a leader.  Our partial client list includes: Department of Defense with focus on Intelligence agencies, Department of Homeland Security, Treasury Executive Institute, Department of Education, and the Farmers Credit Administration.  

Erin Hutchins, dba ACT Government Services is a women-owned small business. UEI: WBR9LSFQMNF8 Cage:6CRX2

ACT Leadership Corpration, women-owned small business. UEI: MVTCM7VN7ES9 Cage: 9R7S7


In-house Training Programs

Leadership + Performance Coaching Certification

The Leadership and Performance Coaching Certification Program (LPCC) is contextualized to your organizational needs.  The LPCC program is a six-month program that can be delivered in-house (virtually or in-person) to up to 25 participants.

One very successful thing that happened this week is this class! You changed the lives of 30 people and started the ripple that will affect an entire agency. Training delivery walks the talk. This is life changing. Thank you for the ways you provide feedback to us. Very compassionate and meaningful. Really well structured, on time. You guys make a great team. I will change my interactions with staff and supervisors. I will lead the change I want to see. I will stand up with a strong / confident voice and lead the change I want to see in my organization.

– Federal Executive, Department of Defense

Leader as Coach

The Leader as Coach Program (LAC) is a highly-experiential program that will develop your leaders to become more ‘coach-like’ using concepts that are grounded in developmental psychology, neuroscience, and research in leadership effectiveness.  The LAC program can be delivered in two or three days online or in-person or spread out over 2 months online in smaller session delivery increments.

After my course I could really see a huge difference in my marketing team, how they take more ownership and responsibilities themselves, they don’t come to me for advice but they are more open on being creative. The workshop really opened my eyes on how different we see and experience things and what I mostly learned was how to focus and really listen to the whole person, instead of just giving quick advice or solve a problem

– Tina Klinge, Marketing Director of PVH Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger

Case Study #1

Leadership Development & 360 Leadership Assess

They helped build the coaching side which i feel will be very useful.

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Case Study #2

Coach Training

...started the ripple that will affect an entire agency.

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Case Study #3

Team Coaching, Team Training, Team Assessments

The real-time nature of the coaching was incredibly effective.

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Case Study #4

Full Service Coaching

...working with ACT team has been a big success!

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Coaching Services

1:1 coaching services

We partner with you to provide customized 1:1 coaching engagements at all organizational levels.  Our 1:1 coaching is customized to your needs.  We will hand select an executive coach based upon your needs.

Our coaches empower clients to find their own answers, to discover their own resourcefulness – all in the service of improving performance, attaining goals and achieving results.

I did coaching and training with Erin Hutchins and they were some of the most valuable hours I have spent in the past year. Erin provided so many amazing insights about me as a person and as a leader. I have discovered who I am as a leader and this has given me so much more confidence in the decisions that I make and the actions that I take. I no longer feel that I need to do things someone else’s way – instead, I look within myself for my answers.

– Associate General Counsel, Reebok International

My coaching experience with my Mike was far and beyond what I expected it to be, as he brings a very human aspect to his coaching method, which helps make it so much easier on wanting to improve, evolve and take my career to a whole new level.

– Michael de Wit, Creative Director, Nike Converse

Team coaching services

We partner with you to understand your team’s unique needs.  From there, we customize team coaching engagements to help the team work towards a common objective and achieve their desired results.  The role of an ACT team coach is twofold: firstly to create an environment of safety for all voices to be acknowledged and then to build a structure that supports alignment and commitment to a chosen course of action.

The real-time nature of the coaching was incredibly effective. Mike Hutchins encouraged the team to work through real examples and offered practical guidance for managing difficult scenarios. This in turn facilitated a very honest exchange of ideas and feedback, bringing the team closer together.

I was very happy with the outcome of the training. I’ve seen the team apply the techniques from the training in the wild. Additionally, several members of my team independently thanked me for providing the training. The sentiment was that it could instantly be applied to everyday scenarios, which they felt was missing from other training they had received.

– Global Director Nike, Inc.

Erin provided team coaching for me and my team. She facilitated a process for me to delve deeper and focus on areas of strength. The direct impact was visible in the performance review of my supervisors for 2013. The team acknowledged it was an affirmative and motivating the process. This is because Erin helped me to train myself to provide feedback from a win-win situation.

– Senior Manager, UNICEF

Organizations we've worked with:

Plus… EY, World Central Kitchen, Allianz, JP Morgan Chase, Lyft, McKinsey & Co, Novartis, Pitney Bowes, Rabobank, Salesforce, S&P Global, Schroders, Siemens, Sonos, World Bank and many more.