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Team Effectiveness Acceleration (TEA)

Better teams get better results.

ACT is excited to announce our latest service offering targeted at TEAMS. We help teams function better. Better functioning teams then can achieve better performance and better results. Inquire now to discuss how TEA can help your team reach its potential.

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ACT partners with organizations to design and implement initiatives that have a lasting impact on their people, culture, and performance.

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Leader As Coach:
Length of Program Varies

A workshop focused on helping organizations build coach-like skills to help people shift how they interact with others. This workshop has successfully helped organizations influence and shift organizational culture, helping improve engagement, collaboration, and productivity. This workshop is for leaders at all levels, and is typically delivered over three consecutive days, or in shorter modules over several weeks. 

AUDIENCE: Leaders at all levels

WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE: Three days or multiple short sessions

OUTCOMES: Leaders will develop a core competency of coaching, equipped with tools to build collaborative, trusting relationships and learn to communicate effectively on different levels throughout their organization.

Team Effectiveness Acceleration:
4 Phases Over Several Months

Training to help your team reset and strengthen the foundation for how it operates together. We help your team set clear and shared expectations and “rules of the road”, as well as uplevel your skills for engaging effectively with each other. Team members receive 360-style leadership assessments and work with an individual coach to take greater responsibility for their impact on the team.


WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE: Engagement spans vary, delivered in four distinct phases: Assessment, Reset, Empowerment, and Completion/Sustainment.

OUTCOMES: Teams are able to discuss what really matters, rather than avoiding issues or challenging topics. Effective teams are able to surface ideas and information to ultimately make better decisions. The teams’ individuals take more responsibility for their impact.

Coaching Certification Level 1 + 2 (LPCC):

Our Leadership and Performance Coach Certification program provides an ICF accredited path to ACC- or PCC-level Credentialing (via our Level 1 or Level 2 program offerings). Our program materials are contextualized to organizational and leadership development, targeted at leaders who want to become a Certified Leadership Coach to help others maximize their performance and results.

AUDIENCE: Individuals

WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE: A series of program milestones over the course of eight months, delivered virtually or in-person.

OUTCOMES: Individuals become Leadership Coaches, and have the option to credential as an ACC (Level 1 program) or PCC (Level 2 program) coach with the ICF. Participants develop a deeper self awareness of their personal leadership styles through an exploration of underlying personal beliefs and assumptions.

Coaches are responsible for helping promote critical thinking within their organization, ultimately decreasing the dependency on others for answers.

Team Coaching Program & Certification:

Our Team Coaching Program is a rigorous, experiential training for Coaches who are ready to make a lasting impact on team engagement, sustainability, and helping to foster organizational desired team culture. The program is powerful for coaches who are responsible for leading and/or facilitating teams.

AUDIENCE: Credentialed coaches

WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE: A three month program consisting of two Modules and a Field Application Session.

OUTCOMES: Team Coaches are eligible to apply for their Advanced Accreditation in Team Coaching (AATC) with the ICF. Team Coaches are able to empower teams and enable them to step into their greatness by giving them the tools and skills to navigate challenges.

Next Level Coaching:

For Coaches looking for more depth, the Next Level Coaching Program focuses on synthesizing coaching skills and concepts learned in previous courses into a higher level of impact and professionalism.

AUDIENCE: Credentialed coaches

WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE: A three month program delivered virtually.

OUTCOMES: Coaches have a greater range of coaching tools, structures and maps to guide their coaching sessions. Coaches will be able to use learned methodologies to help instigate deeper change and awareness with their client, including navigating through difficult emotions.

Organizations we've worked with:

Plus… EY, World Central Kitchen, Allianz, JP Morgan Chase, Lyft, McKinsey & Co, Novartis, Pitney Bowes, Rabobank, Salesforce, S&P Global, Schroders, Siemens, Sonos, World Bank and many more.

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Team Coaching, Team Training, Team Assessments

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