Leader as Coach

for Healthcare

Become a More “Coach-Like” Leader

Program Dates To be announced Soon

Enhance your leadership effectiveness, drive culture change and optimize patient experience.

Today more than ever, healthcare professionals must address a myriad of complex challenges such as improving the patient experience, enhancing the quality of care, containing costs, and promoting provider well-being. Coaching is a core competency of agile healthcare leaders who empower teams to achieve goals and improve patient outcomes. Leader as Coach is a highly experiential blended learning online program designed for leaders who want to become more “coach-like.” The curriculum is grounded in developmental psychology, neuroscience, and leadership research and is designed specifically for healthcare professionals.

ACT and Brown are committed to delivering transformative learning and results to all program participants. We have been training coaches from the healthcare sector for the last decade using proven coaching and leadership development methodologies. Health care systems face some of the biggest challenges and they are already recognizing the value of coaching. 

ACT is partnered with the Brown School of Professional Studies where our Leader as Coach open enrollment program is offered.

Program Snapshot


Program Dates: To be announced soon.

Highly-experiential format blending live online sessions, team-work, and self-paced learning

8 Weeks

3 Hours Per Week

Live online bi-weekly.
Self-paced work in
between live sessions


Tuition Cost

Student Experience

“One thing I really appreciated about the coaching and coaching skills was empowering our people to help solve their problems because they’re the ones actually doing the work. Being a coach-like leader and obtaining the basic coaching skills really definitively impacts patient care”

Dr RAKI PAI, Physician Leader of Metro Health, University of Michigan Health and Grand Rapids Michigan

What You’ll Learn

Together with leading health experts, we have created an experiential program, which specifically addresses the most pressing challenges that clinicians, administrators and healthcare leaders face. You will build your capacity to understand and connect with patients and members of your care team. Learning from and with other healthcare leaders, you will expand your professional network and build relationships that will continue well beyond the life of the program. 

Coaching concepts are grounded in developmental psychology, neuroscience, and research in leadership effectiveness. Upon successful completion of our online program, you will:

  • Develop multi-dimensional leadership skills
  • Reframe limiting mindsets to ones connected to your values and purpose 
  • Apply coaching skills to multiple healthcare scenarios  
  • Build your range and capacity to engage in more meaningful interactions with patients and team members
  • Create authentic relationships focused on performance effectiveness
  • Empower your team, motivate them and ultimately guide them to reach their full potential 
  • Navigate through uncertainty and complexity with more ease and clarity

Who Should Attend?

This program is for healthcare professionals with responsibility for leading and managing others and who would like to enhance their leadership skills, with a particular focus on coaching. 

Target program participants include anyone with an interest in improving patient outcomes:

  • Clinicians with direct patient care responsibilities
  • Healthcare units or teams with specialized expertise
  • Professionals working in public health, office practices and home care settings
  • Healthcare leaders at the medical school, departmental, or system level