The ACT Advantage

Relationship and Results

Effectiveness requires the continuous focus on results and relationships. Our programs are designed with both in mind.

Experiential Learning

Design of interactive, immersive and engaging learning experiences contextualized to your business, ranging from instructor-led to e-learning technology.

Grounded in Neuroscience

Programs underpinned by neuroscience, not wishful thinking. Understanding and working with the mind fires new neural pathways to effective change.

Trusted Partners

Our coaches and trainers are skilled in creating an environment where trust, safety and integrity is present in all relationships.


Intuitive coaching and leadership model, contextualized to your environment and unique organizational and industry challenges.

Global Presence

We have a global network of trusted and vetted consultants, coaches and trainers comfortable in delivering ACT's materials.

The ACT Compass

Moving from Reactive to Creative:

Reactive: Operating from limiting beliefs, underlying assumptions and a disempowered state drives dysfunctional behaviour.

Creative: Operating from inner purpose, creating from and taking responsibility for your world.

As humans we often default to a tendency of reacting to circumstances rather than creating our life. It’s our job to help you become aware of when this happens and guide you towards a more creative path.

Balancing Relationships and Results:

Relationships: Safety, trust, empathy, discovery and authentic conversations.

Results: Structure, direction, reasoning, taking action and accountability.

Organizations are always on the hook to deliver results, often at the mercy of relationships. We help you balance both.

Competency-based Learning

Well-researched Leadership Competencies

The ACT Competency framework is based on well-researched leadership competencies, underpinned by models such as Kegan’s Theory of Adult Development.

Competencies aligned to Leadership Circle Profile

The ACT Leadership Compass and leadership program is mapped to the LCP competencies. This helps leaders assess and measure their improvement during the leadership program.


Competencies integrated into ACT training courses.

Learning objectives are clearly aligned to competencies and ROI, facilitating performance assessment.