10 Reasons Why ACT’s Leadership + Performance Coaching Certification Program (LPCC) is the Ultimate Choice for Your Coaching Certification Training.

ACT’s Leadership and Performance Coaching Certification program was recently recognized as one of the best coaching certification programs in the US.

Our program, offered in partnership with Brown University’s School of Professional and Executive Education, was listed as the second-best program in the country in a 2021 article on LinkedIn. The article states:

“This is one of the best executive coaching certification programs to help next executive coaches, as well as experienced coaches, get the training and skills they need to success in their coaching career”.

High praise indeed!

Our training is designed to empower both new and experienced coaches to evolve the skills they need to thrive in a leadership coaching career, it’s also an International Coaching Federation ACSTH pathway course for ACC-level certification – one of the most recognized standards in the industry.

We offer a future-focused, state-of-the-art curriculum that positions personal development at its core. This is delivered by experienced, expert faculty, making for a winning combination.

And everything we do sits on a foundation of diversity and inclusivity in the workplace, and the LPCC program stands out as a top choice for anyone seeking to become a coach who has this top of mind also.

So to really get under the hood of why we are a preferred coaching certification training company, we’re going to share ten big differentiators that we think makes all the difference:

#1. We Believe Real Transformation Starts With You.

Our program emphasizes the importance of experiencing coaching firsthand and doing the necessary self-work to become a masterful coach.

In our course, participants adopt the roles of coach, client, and observer, and are supported throughout the journey by ACT trainers and mentors. Through our immersive approach, participants become very aware of their unique self-limiting beliefs and develop strategies to reframe their perceptions and connect with their highly motivating values and purpose.

Students also learn to become aware of their emotions and how to shift their relationship to them becoming more self-aware and responsible with how to utilize them moment by moment.

We also provide feedback on individual coaching styles and teach how to use archetypes in order to stretch range and empower students to coach anybody!

#2. We Have Expert Faculty with Extensive Coaching, Training and Leadership Experience Who Deliver Content in an Engaging and Masterful Way.

We carefully select faculty members who create high engagement, inclusivity, safety, and trust in the classroom. They all have extensive coaching experience – a minimum of PCC level with the ICF, coupled with comprehensive training, facilitation, and leadership experience.

Our facilitators are adept at “reading the room” to determine what is needed by the participants and deliver highly engaging learning experiences throughout the program. No “death by slide decks” we promise!

Our mentors are skilled at providing clear and direct feedback to participants in a safe and constructive manner. This makes the process of receiving and integrating expert feedback enjoyable and actionable. Mentors also demonstrate their own humanity and expertise by bringing REAL topics to be coached around. We don’t role play here and that’s a huge plus point.

Other Notable Highlights to Mention About Our Faculty:

  • Hands-On Involvement From the Co-Founders. The co-founders of ACT are actively involved in the program design and instruction. This ensures that participants have a consistent and high quality learning experience that is closely aligned with core theories and current practices and developments.
  • They are Expert Facilitators. Our faculty members are not only great coaches, but also exceptional at facilitating adult learning experiences. They do so in-person, face-to-face, or remotely via Zoom etc.
  • Extensive Leadership and Organizational Experience. They have held leadership positions in the public, private, and academic communities, both nationally and internationally. Many have experience outside of coaching, having led a wide range of technical and non-technical functions, including:
    • Marketing
    • Human Resources
    • Information technology
    • Consultancy for Change Management
    • Organizational and Instructional Design
    • Strategy and Leadership Development

Their vast real-world experiences provide invaluable context and insights into the power and relevance of leadership coaching and performance management as a best practice for talent engagement.

  • They Are At the Forefront of Thought Leadership in the Coaching Arena. To acquire and uphold the ICF qualification, one must undergo both initial accreditation and continue to contribute to the field. This includes ongoing coaching practice, continued learning, and participation in professional self-development. Our faculty takes this level of professionalism seriously. Many of them have made significant contributions to the coaching field by presenting at national, state, and regional conferences, as well as delivering keynote addresses on the evolution of coaching and leadership.
  • Contribution to Underserved Communities. Finally, most, if not all, of ACT’s faculty contribute many hours of non-compensated individual and team coaching to non-profits and underserved communities. We believe that coaching should be available to everyone, and through scholarships and community-based programs, we provide access to students who would otherwise struggle to fund their application.

#3. Our Curriculum is Based on Leadership and Organizational Development Evidence and Delivered in Partnership with Brown University an Internationally Recognized Institution.

The course content, supported by academic rigor, supports leaders who aim to help others optimize their performance and bring results in the workplace. This means that the learning you receive through the LPCC really is second to none:

  • The coaching approach employed by this program is unique and based on a proprietary method that utilizes the “Awareness-Choice-Transformation” model of personal growth and development. Unlike other coaching models, this approach places a deeper emphasis on building the client’s awareness of their own ability to make choices, and reinforces the value of meeting the client where they are, in the moment.
  • Our training is based on neuroscience and supports the idea that “the adult brain is not only capable of changing, but it does so continuously throughout life, in response to everything we do and every experience we have” (from M. Costandi’s book “Neuroplasticity,” page 3).
  • LPCC is built on a blend of ICF foundational coaching competencies, adult learning methods, and research on leadership and performance coaching from around the world.
  • Our course material is presented in a practical and easy-to-consume manner. Our facilitators are skilled at meeting learners at their current level of understanding to ensure that core concepts are absorbed and practiced in a supportive environment.
  • The training is offered in a variety of formats to suit the needs of adult learners, such as virtual and hybrid options available on weekdays and weekends.
  • For those taking all or a portion of the program in person, the Brown University training facility, located in Providence, Rhode Island, is a new, impressive state-of-the-art building on campus.

#4. We Promote Diverse and Inclusive Workplaces and Stand By a Belief That Coach-Like Leaders Positively Impact the Culture of Organizations.

By applying coaching skills, leaders can ensure that everyone in their organization has a voice and is met where they are in terms of personal growth and development.

This approach supports and encourages transparent communication, building trust and strengthening team engagement. Coaching empowers individuals and teams to reach their full potential, together, creating a more inclusive and collaborative workplace culture, essential for modern, progressive places of work.

#5. We Have a Full Range of Alumni Offerings Supporting Your Ongoing Journey.

  • The Alumni Coaching Exchange (ACE) is a directory of ACT alumni coaches and every alumnus can meet and network with all other cohorts. Support, encouragement and peer-to-peer coaching, which can count toward their ACC credential is encouraged.
  • Informative newsletters focussed on the developing coaching world to keep you ahead of the curve.
  • Ongoing experiential webinars designed on developing new coaching skills, led by senior trainers and faculty.

#6. An Online Community Ready to Support, Engage and Thrive Together.

A state of the art online community with and accompanying iPhone/Android app offers community, collaboration, conversation and a wide variety of streaming live events throughout the year ensuring your ongoing momentum and growth.

The community is made up of incredible individuals with a diverse range of interests and life experiences and by completing our LPCC coaching certification program, you’ll gain access to like-minded practitioners and thought leaders.

On top of that, if you’re looking to pursue accreditation you can obtain membership to the International Coaching Federation (ICF), which offers additional learning opportunities and conferences at global, national, and local levels.

#7. A Coach Training Pathway That Grows as You Do.

If you’re excited to pursue advanced coach training programs, ACT offers a variety of progressive learning and developmental experiences. These programs include Leader as Coach, Team Coaching, and Next Level Coaching.

Completing the LPCC is an exciting commitment towards a deeply fulfilling vocation and If you decide you’re ready to expand into the next level of expertise, we’ve got you covered with world-class learning that complement your skills.

Furthermore, our training is backed by the credibility of Brown University, which highlights our rigor and professionalism.

#8. Clarity & Confidence to ‘Walk Your Talk’ From the Get-Go.

Whether it’s leading change, giving feedback, career development, facilitation, or team performance, ACT participants will gain the confidence and awareness on how to apply their coaching skills within these contexts, skillfully and rapidly.

#9. Solid Direction on Getting Your ICF Accreditation and Support on Setting Up a Winning Coaching Business.

ACT helps ensure students are fully prepared for their ICF ACC-level certification. As with any accreditation process, requirements change as the field evolves and as such, the ACT leadership team maintains an active relationship with ICF and routinely update course material to align with current accreditation requirements.

ACT’s training programs clearly explain the options for completing your coaching certification in line with up-to-the-moment ICF guidelines.

In addition, ACT provides guidance on how to set up a coaching business, including a webinar and tips and tricks on launching your practice. And if you’re really serious about building an independent coaching practice, we partner with a coach business expert who offers an optional 6-week cohort course, “Land The Clients You Love,” to ensure you thrive!

#10. Future-Focused Content That Evolves to Meet the Changing Needs of Coaches and Clients.

Whether it’s Diversity, Equity + Inclusion, ICF changes, or new cutting edge research that supports the coaching approach, we’ll aim to integrate them into our program. Our mission is to keep you ahead of the curve.

ACT is committed to evolving its content to meet the ever-changing needs of coaches and clients. This means that we continue to introduce new resources, such as interviews, webinars, and the latest technologies, so that students are always informed and well-supported.

A Quick Re-Cap and Summary: ACT’s Leadership + Performance Coaching Certification Program (LPCC) ensures that students receive the best possible coaching certification training experience.

If you are considering becoming a professional leadership coach, now is the best time to do so. The skills and tools taught in such training can bring genuine systemic change for the betterment of everyone involved – for you, your communities, and the world around us. And as you decide on which professional coach training school to go with, use this “Top Ten Reasons” articles to help you make an informed and wise choice.

We very much look forwards to hearing from you.

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